The Bonus Feat will be allocated when a hero have chosen his third Stat.

The order in which the Stats were chosen doesn't matter as long as they were the first three.

Bonus Feats differ in passive and semi-passive abilities. While passive Bonus Feats are always active, semi-passive Bonus Feats have certain trigger like "next attack", "after x spells" or "every x seconds".


  • Scaling Bonus Feats only scale with their corresponding Stats.
    • All Bonus Feats don't scale with items.
  • Percentage Values are written as [Example] 10 * (1 + Spell Damage Value)
    • This means that the first Spell Damage Point will increase the Value 10 by a factor of 1.07.
    • Percentage Value are calculated as a decimal value before appling into a calculation.
      • Thus the 7% Spell Damage Value from the first point are converted into 0.07.
    • In-Game Values are already calculated and updated whenever a corresponding Stat is increasing.

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